Lichen microscope images - by spore types

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Simple   Polarilocular   1-Septate   Acicular   Multi-septate   Submuriform   Muriform   Multi-spored asci   Conidia

Simple spores
Candelariella vitellina Candelariella vitellina Clauzadea monticola Clauzadea monticola Degelia plumbea Degelia plumbea Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes Ionaspis lacustris Ionaspis lacustris, ascospores Japewiella tavaresiana Japewiella tavaresiana, spores Lecanora albella Lecanora albella Lecanora campestris Lecanora campestris Lecanora chlarotera Lecanora chlarotera Lecanora dispersa Lecanora dispersa Lecanora hagenii Lecanora hagenii Lecanora persimilis Lecanora persimilis Lecanora poliophaea Lecanora poliophaea, spore Lecidea lithophila (wet) Lecidea lithophila Lecidella asema Lecidella asema Lecidella elaeochroma Lecidella elaeochroma Melanohalea exasperata Melanohalea exasperata, spores Pertusaria hymenea Pertusaria hymenea Pertusaria leioplaca Pertusaria leioplaca Pertusaria multipuncta Pertusaria multipuncta Pertusaria pertusa Pertusaria pertusa Porpidia hydrophila Porpidia hydrophila Porpidia macrocarpa Porpidia macrocarpa Sarcogyne regularis Sarcogyne regularis, spores Tephromela atra var atra Tephromela atra var atra Unguiculariopsis thallophila Unguiculariopsis thallophila Verrucaria halizoa Verrucaria halizoa Verrucaria maura Verrucaria maura Verrucaria muralis Verrucaria muralis Verrucaria praetermissa Q Verrucaria praetermissa Q Verrucaria prominula Verrucaria prominula Xanthoparmelia pulla Xanthoparmelia pulla, ascospores
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Polarilocular spores
Caloplaca cerina Caloplaca cerina Caloplaca cerinella Caloplaca cerinella Athallia cerinelloides, Caloplaca cerinelloides Athallia cerinelloides, Caloplaca cerinelloides Caloplaca citrina Caloplaca citrina Caloplaca ferruginea Caloplaca ferruginea, spores Xanthoria parietina Xanthoria parietina Xanthoria polycarpa Xanthoria polycarpa
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1-Septate spores
Acrocordia gemmata Acrocordia gemmata Amandinea punctata Amandinea punctata Anisomeridium biforme Anisomeridium biforme Anisomeridium polypori Anisomeridium polypori Arthonia didyma Arthonia didyma, ascospore Arthonia muscigena Arthonia muscigena Arthopyrenia analepta Arthopyrenia analepta, ascospores Arthopyrenia cinereopruinosa Arthopyrenia cinereopruinosa Naetrocymbe nitescens, Arthopyrenia nitescens Naetrocymbe nitescens, Arthopyrenia nitescens Arthopyrenia punctiformis Arthopyrenia punctiformis Arthopyrenia salicis Arthopyrenia salicis, ascospores Buellia disciformis Buellia disciformis Buellia ocellata Buellia ocellata, ascospores Buellia stellulata Buellia stellulata, ascospore Catillaria chalybeia Catillaria chalybeia Catillaria lenticularis Catillaria lenticularis Catillaria nigroclavata Catillaria nigroclavata, ascospore Catinaria atropurpurea Catinaria atropurpurea, ascospores Cliostomum griffithii Cliostomum griffithii Dimerella lutea Dimerella lutea Hyperphyscia adglutinata Hyperphyscia adglutinata Lecania cyrtella Lecania cyrtella Lecania erysibe Lecania erysibe Lecania hutchinsiae Lecania hutchinsiae Lecania rabenhorstii Lecania rabenhorstii Lecania sylvestris Lecania sylvestris Lobaria virens Lobaria virens, spore Megalaria grossa Megalaria grossa, spores Mycoporum antecellens Mycoporum antecellens, ascospores Physcia aipolia Physcia aipolia Physcia stellaris Physcia stellaris Physconia distorta Physconia distorta Orcularia insperata, Rinodina biloculata Orcularia insperata, Rinodina biloculata Rinodina gennarii Rinodina gennarii Rinodina olea Rinodina olea Rinodina sophodes Rinodina sophodes Solenopsora holophaea Solenopsora holophaea Toninia sedifolia Toninia sedifolia
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Acicular spores (needle-shaped, thread-shaped, sharp-pointed)
Bacidia arceutina Bacidia arceutina Bacidia caligans Bacidia caligans Bacidia inundata Bacidia inundata Bacidia laurocerasi Bacidia laurocerasi, ascospores Bacidia rubella Bacidia rubella Cliostomum tenerum Cliostomum tenerum Arctomia fascicularis, Collema fasciculare Arctomia fascicularis, Collema fasciculare Gomphillus calycioides Gomphillus calycioides, micro photo Opegrapha viridis Opegrapha viridis Pachyphiale carneola Pachyphiale carneola Peltigera hymenina Peltigera hymenina
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Multi-septate spores
Anisomeridium polypori Anisomeridium polypori Arthonia cinnabarina Arthonia cinnabarina Arthonia ilicina Arthonia ilicina Arthonia radiata Arthonia radiata Arthopyrenia platypyrenia Arthopyrenia platypyrenia, ascospores Bilimbia sabuletorum Bilimbia sabuletorum Collema crispum Collema crispum Arctomia fascicularis, Collema fasciculare Arctomia fascicularis, Collema fasciculare Collema multipartitum Collema multipartitum Collema tenax var vulgare Collema tenax var vulgare Enterographa crassa Enterographa crassa, ascus and spores Enterographa hutchinsiae Enterographa hutchinsiae Graphis elegans, Script Lichen Graphis elegans, micro photo Graphis scripta Graphis scripta Lecania naegelii Lecania naegelii Lobaria virens Lobaria virens Micarea lignaria var lignaria Micarea lignaria var lignaria Micarea peliocarpa Micarea peliocarpa Nephroma laevigatum Nephroma laevigatum Normandina acroglypta Normandina acroglypta Opegrapha atra Opegrapha atra Opegrapha calcarea Opegrapha calcarea Opegrapha cesareensis Opegrapha cesareensis Opegrapha herbarum Opegrapha herbarum Opegrapha niveoatra Opegrapha niveoatra Opegrapha physciaria Opegrapha physciaria Opegrapha viridis Opegrapha viridis Opegrapha vulgata Opegrapha vulgata Phaeographis smithii Phaeographis smithii, spores Porina aenea Porina aenea Porina borreri Porina borreri Porina chlorotica Porina chlorotica Pyrenula laevigata Pyrenula laevigata Pyrenula macrospora Pyrenula macrospora Toninia aromatica Toninia aromatica
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Submuriform spores
Collema crispum Collema crispum Collema tenax var vulgare Collema tenax var vulgare Diplotomma pharcidium Diplotomma pharcidium Endocarpon adscendens Endocarpon adscendens Graphina pauciloculata Graphina pauciloculata, spore

Muriform spores
Endocarpon adscendens Endocarpon adscendens Graphina anguina Graphina anguina, spores Graphina ruiziana Graphina ruiziana, spore Gyalecta truncigena Gyalecta truncigena Leptogium pulvinatum Leptogium pulvinatum Rhizocarpon reductum Rhizocarpon reductum Thelotrema lepadinum Thelotrema lepadinum
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8+ or multi-spored asci
Acarospora smaragdula Acarospora smaragdula, ascospores Caloplaca cerinella Caloplaca cerinella Candelariella vitellina Candelariella vitellina Sarcogyne regularis Sarcogyne regularis, ascus

Ephebe hispidula Ephebe hispidula, conidia Illosporiopsis christiansenii Illosporiopsis christiansenii Mixtoconidium insidens (Mixtoconium canariense) Mixtoconidium insidens (Mixtoconium canariense) Mixtoconidium insidens (Mixtoconium canariense) Opegrapha vulgata Opegrapha vulgata Xanthoriicola physciae Xanthoriicola physciae, conidia

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