Irish lichens

Opegrapha physciaria

Family: Unknown family

Species: Phacothecium varium (Opegrapha physciaria) #

Growth type lichenicolous
Photos: On Xanthoria parietina. Co. Limerick, Ireland.

The irregular black gall-like structures are initially immersed then become erumpent and occur singly or in clusters. They contain one to several apothecia and occasionally pycnidia. Asci are 8-spored, the spores 3-septate, 12-18 x 5-8 Ám. Microscope photo below

An infrequently recorded lichenicolous fungus that is parasitic on the thallus and apothecia of Xanthoria parietina

Similar: Arthonia parietinaria forms clusters of much smaller apothecia on Xanthoria species. Spores 1-septate

Opegrapha physciaria

Microscope photograph
Opegrapha physciaria
Opegrapha physciaria #. September 2019

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