Irish lichens

Pachyphiale carneola

Order: Ostropales       Family: Gyalectaceae

Species: Gyalecta carneola (Pachyphiale carneola)

Growth type crustose
Photos: Glengarriff woods, Co. Cork, Ireland. Identified by Andy Acton

Thin whitish-grey thallus with numerous concave orange-brown apothecia, translucent when wet. Raised, entire margins.
Asci 16-48 spored, the spores 9-15 septate, up to 40 in each ascus, 38-80 x 3-5 Ám with pointed ends. Paraphyses +/- hooked at tips. Microscope photographs below.

Uncommon, on shaded, +/- rough-barked, mature trees in established woodlands. 'Ancient woodland' indicator species.

Similar: Thelopsis rubella

Pachyphiale carneola

Pachyphiale carneola

Microscope photographs
Pachyphiale carneola, ascospores

Pachyphiale carneola
Pachyphiale carneola March 2010 and January 2012

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