Irish lichens

Rinodina oleae

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Physciaceae

Species: Rinodina oleae (R. gennarii)

Growth type crustose
Photos: On estuary post. Co.Waterford, Ireland.

Greyish or grey-green thallus, sometimes +/- absent. Abundant apothecia, discs brown-black with thick margins. Spores brown, 1-septate, 13-16 x 7-10 Ám. Microscope photographs below.

Pollution tolerant, common on basic or nutrient-rich rocks, walls, concrete, bark and wood.

Similar: Rinodina roboris is K+ yellow, occurs on well-lit bark.
Lecania erysibe has narrower, colourless spores.

Rinodina oleae

Rinodina oleae

Microscope photographs
Rinodina oleae

Rinodina oleae
Rinodina oleae. April 2012

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