Irish lichens

Orcularia insperata, Rinodina biloculata

Order: Caliciales       Family: Caliciaceae

Species: Orcularia insperata (Rinodina biloculata)

Growth type crustose
Photos: On Weigela. Knockgorm, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

A thin greyish-green thallus with small (to 0.3mm diam) black discs. The hypothecium is brown, spores are 1-septate, 11-19 x 6-9 Ám and thickened at the septum. Micrographs below. Chemical results negative

Usually found on soft, basic bark of Elder, Elm or Buddleia. As the apothecia are very small it is easily missed and possibly under-recorded.

Similar: Amandinea punctata and Catillaria nigroclavata

Rinodina biloculata

Rinodina biloculata

Microscope photograph
Rinodina biloculata

Rinodina biloculata
Orcularia insperata (Rinodina biloculata). May 2012

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