Irish lichens

Alyxoria culmigena, Opegrapha herbarum
Family: Lecanographaceae

Species: Alyxoria culmigena (Opegrapha herbarum)

Growth type crustose.
Photos: Ardnagashel and Macroom, Co.Cork, Ireland. Identified by Andy Acton and John Douglass

Thin or inconspicuous pale grey, brownish or olive-green thallus.The small, scattered lirellae are usually simple, less frequently branched. Slit-like discs becoming fully open, occasionally +/- green-pruinose. Pycnidia are very rare. Asci are 8-spored, spores 3-septate, 18-25 x 5-8 Ám with thin perispore. Microscope photographs below.

On acid to basic, smooth, often shady bark, on plant stems (especially brambles) and on sandstone. Reactions negative.

Opegrapha herbarum

Opegrapha herbarum

Microscope photographs
Opegrapha herbarum, microscope photos
Alyxoria culmigena (Opegrapha herbarum) March and May 2010

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