Microscope images - thallus and apothecia structure, lichen photobionts

Follow these links for lichen micro photographs of the asci and spores and spore types.
Please click on the images to see species details and larger photographs. N.B. Images are not to scale.

Anisomeridium polypori, conidia Buellia disciformis, asci and spores Collema crispum Collema tenax var vulgare, thallus, nostic chains Ephebe lanata Graphis scripta, paraphyses Illosporiopsis christiansenii Lecania naegelii, immature asci Leptogium pulvinatum, microscope image Melanohalea exasperata, ascus and spores Opegrapha herbarum, section Stigonema Teloschistes chrysophthalmus, epithecium Teloschistes chrysophthalmus, photobiont Toninia aromatica, paraphyses Xanthoriicola physciae, conidia

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