Irish lichens

Naetrocymbe punctiformis, Arthopyrenia punctiformis

Family: Naetrocymbaceae

Species: Naetrocymbe punctiformis (Arthopyrenia punctiformis)

Growth type crustose
Photos: On Horse-chestnut and Oak twigs. Co. Waterford, Ireland

The inconspicuous, non-lichenised thallus has small, +/- circular, clustered or scattered perithecia, 0.1-0.25 mm in diameter. Spores are initially colourless, 1-septate, 16-20(-22) x 4.5-5 Ám but can sometimes become yellowish-brown and 3-septate when old. Pycnidia are absent. Microscope photograph below.

Common as an early coloniser on smooth twigs and small branches of young trees and shrubs. Chemical reactions negative

Similar: Arthopyrenia analepta. Larger perithecia 0.3-0.6mm long

Arthopyrenia punctiformis

Arthopyrenia punctiformis

Microscope photograph
Arthopyrenia punctiformis

Arthopyrenia punctiformis
Naetrocymbe punctiformis (Arthopyrenia punctiformis). April 2012

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