Irish lichens

Mycoporum antecellens

Order: Incertae sedis       Family: Mycoporaceae

Species: Mycoporum antecellens

Growth type crustose.
Photos: On dead Holly. Ballingeary, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.
Specimen immediately below identified by Brian Coppins

Non-lichenised thallus is whitish, greenish-white or light brown. Usually abundant tiny pycnidia (0.1mm) are intermixed with larger perithecia (0.2-0.4mm diam). Asci 8-spored, spores 1(-3) septate, 27-40 x 7-12 µm. Initially colourless, becoming brownish and finely warted. Microscope photograph below.

Usually found in old woodlands on smooth bark of Hazel, Beech, Holly and Rowan. Can be locally frequent. Chemical tests negative.

Photograph below also shows Arthopyrenia nitescens (pinkish).

Mycoporum antecellens

Mycoporum antecellens

Microscope photograph
Mycoporum antecellens

Mycoporum antecellens
Mycoporum antecellens. February 2010 and January 2012

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