Irish lichens

Xanthoriicola physciae

Ascomycota       Incertae sedis

Species: Xanthoriicola physciae

Lichenicolous fungus parasitic on Xanthoria parietina
Photos: Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

Brown, septate hyphae immersed in the host apothecia. Dark conidiophores produce warty, brown, globose conidia that turn the apothecia and then the surrounding dead thallus black and 'sooty' in appearance. Conidia 4-6 x 4-6 Ám. Microscope photograph below.

Widespread and can be locally common. Has been recorded on both Xanthoria parietina and X. polycarpa.

Similar: Arthonia molendoi can occur on the thallus of Xanthoria species, the spores are 1-septate

Xanthoriicola physciae

Xanthoriicola physciae

Microscope photograph
Xanthoriicola physciae, conidia
Xanthoriicola physciae on Xanthoria parietina. May 2012

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