Irish lichens

Arthopyrenia nitescens

Family: Naetrocymbaceae

Species: Naetrocymbe nitescens (Arthopyrenia nitescens)

Growth type crustose. Below identified by Brian Coppins
Photos: On Holly. Ballingeary, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

The lichenized thallus is whitish beige, usually pinkish when fresh. The tiny circular to ellipsoid perithecia (0.15-0.2mm length) can be scattered or concentrated into patches. Pycnidia are frequent. Spores 1-septate, 19-26 x 4.5-6 Ám. The cells are +/- equal, scarcely constricted, the perispores indistinct. Micrograph below.
Chemical reactions negative.

Mainly found on smooth bark of Hazel in old, species-rich woodlands and river valleys. Scattered records from north and west Ireland.

Photo below includes Mycoporum antecellens (whitish thallus).

Arthopyrenia nitescens

Arthopyrenia nitescens Micrograph
Arthopyrenia nitescens
Arthopyrenia nitescens. January 2010 and May 2012

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