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Cladonia verticillata Mixtoconidium insidens (Mixtoconium canariense) Mixtoconidium insidens (Mixtoconium canariense)

Species added in 2012 and 2013
Cladonia angustiloba Sticta ciliata Bacidia caligans Lecanora hagenii Arthopyrenia cinereopruinosa Rinodina biloculata Lecania sylvestris Arthonia muscigena Lecanora helicopis Diplotomma pharcidium Catillaria lenticularis Opegrapha multipuncta Caloplaca citrina sens str Verrucaria halizoa Verrucaria amphibia Porina chlorotica Arthopyrenia platypyrenia Lecanora poliophaea Opegrapha cesareensis Lecania hutchinsiae Lecania erysibe Q Catillaria nigroclavata

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