Irish lichens

Sarcogyne regularis

Order: Acarosporales       Family: Acarosporaceae

Species: Sarcogyne regularis

Growth type crustose
Photos: On concrete. Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

Thallus thin or immersed, apothecia sometimes +/- sunken. The red-brown or blackish discs are usually bluish-grey pruinose. Asci contain 100-200 spores, the spores simple, 3-5(-6) x 1.5-2 Ám. Microscope photographs below.

A pioneer species on calcareous walls, concrete, pebbles and abestos-cement. Most frequent in lowland areas.

Similar: Clauzadea monticola.
Discs also reddish when wet but never pruinose. Asci 8-spored.

Sarcogyne regularis

Sarcogyne regularis

Microscope photographs
Sarcogyne regularis, ascus

Sarcogyne regularis, spores
Sarcogyne regularis April 2012

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