Irish lichens

Lecidea grisella

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Lecideaceae

Species: Lecidea grisella

Growth type crustose
Photos: On coastal rocks, Allihies, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

Whitish-grey to brownish-grey thallus, initially cracked and then areolate with a thinner cracked margin and a thin black prothallus. Apothecia abundant, flat becoming slightly convex, blackish but often thinly white-priuinose.

Usually on +/- smooth and slightly nutrient enriched siliceous rocks, walls and bricks but also recorded from roof tiles and on wood. Chemical results K-, C+ red, KC+/- red, Pd-.

Similar: Lecidea fuscoatra

Lecidea grisella

Lecidea grisella

Lecidea grisella
Lecidea grisella. June 2009

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