Irish lichens

Tremella ramalinae

Family: Tremellaceae

Species: Tremella ramalinae #

Growth type lichenicolous
Photos: On Ramalina lacera, Co. Waterford, SW Ireland.

A lichenicolous basidiomycete forming gelatinous pinkish galls that become yellowish or reddish brown as they mature. The galls (basidiomata) are 0.4-3mm in diameter with a constricted base, convex and disc-shaped becoming tuberculate. Basidia are 23-34 x 8-14 Ám, inversely pear-shaped with two transverse septa. The upper cell has one longitudinal septum, the lower cell is elongated with a stalk-like base.

Recorded as parasitic on Ramalina fraxinea and Ramalina lacera

Similar: Ramalina tuckerae also occurs on Ramalina but basidia have single longitudinal or oblique septum and no transverse septa

Tremella ramalinae

Tremella ramalinae
Tremella ramalinae. April 2012

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