Irish lichens

Lecanora pulicaris

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Lecanoraceae

Species: Lecanora pulicaris

Growth type crustose
Photos: On wooden fence post. Ballineen, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.
Identification uncertain as not tested for P+ reaction

Smooth or warted yellow-white or greyish thallus, with or without a white or greyish prothallus. Discs reddish-brown, medulla with large crystals (not dissolving in K) and small granules (dissolving in K) on surface of epithecium. Spores 11-15 x 8-10 Ám.

On acid-barked twigs and branches and wooden posts and fences. K+ yellow, C-, KC-, P+ orange-red, UV- or bluish-white

Similar: Lecanora chlarotera. P-. Larger granules on epithecium

Lecanora pulicaris

Lecanora pulicaris
Lecaonora pulicaris. March 2009

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