Irish lichens

Bachmanniomyces uncialicola

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Species: Bachmanniomyces punctum # (Bachmanniomyces uncialicola)

Growth type lichenicolous
Photos: On Cladonia portentosa. Ballingeary, Co. Cork, Ireland

Large convex galls form containing immersed conidioma and deforming the host thallus. Conidiogenous cells develop on the inner walls but conidiophores are absent. Conidia abundant, clinging together in large groups, (7-)8-10.5 x 4.5-5(-6) Ám. The flat blackish-brown apothecia are often in clusters, spores (7-)8.5-10(-12) x 2.5-3.5(-4) Ám.

Occurs on the podetia (and occasionally squamules) of Cladonia species, most frequently recorded on Cladonia uncialis

The initial stage of Diploschistes muscorum can be similar

Bachmanniomyces uncialicola

Bachmanniomyces uncialicola

Bachmanniomyces uncialicola
Bachmanniomyces uncialicola. August 2009

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