Irish lichens

Diploschistes muscorum

Order:       Family: Thelotremataceae

Species: Diploschistes muscorum #

Growth type lichenicolous
Photographs on Cladonia sp. The Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland.

Greyish-white warted thallus with urceolate apothecia. The black discs are +/- heavily pruinose with raised margins. Asci are 4-spored, 5-septate becoming muriform, 25-35 x 10-15 Ám.

Parasitic on Cladonia species before developing an independent thallii. Most frequent on Cladonia rangiformis and Cladonia pocillum

Other lichenicolous fungi on Cladonia species include Bachmanniomyces punctum (B. uncialicola), Syzygospora bachmannii and Didymocyrtis cladoniicola

Diploschistes muscorum

Diploschistes muscorum
Diploschistes muscorum. July 2009

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