Irish lichens

Aspicilia cinerea

Order: Pertusariales       Family: Megasporaceae

Species: Aspicilia cinerea agg.

Growth type crustose
Photos: On coastal rocks. Beara peninsula, Co. Cork, SW Ireland

Very variable. Areolate pale-grey to dull-grey thallus (someimes tinged brown or greenish) with a black prothallus. The apothecia are black with persistent whitish grey margins, initially immersed then slightly raised with 1-2 in each areole. Spores simple, 12-22 x 6-13 Ám. Conidia 11-16 x 1 Ám. Chemistry K+ red, C-, Pd+ orange

Found on exposed acidic upland and coastal rocks

Other members of the Aspicilia cinerea agg. have larger spores, 20-28 Ám long but conidia must be measured (in spring) for certain identification. A. intermutans (conidia 7-12 x 1 Ám) is probably the most frequent, A. epiglypta (conidia 15-28 x 1 Ám) is rare

Aspicilia cinerea

Aspicilia cinerea

Aspicilia cinerea
Aspicilia cinerea. May 2010

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