Irish lichens

Toninia plumbina

Family: Ramalinaceae

Species: Toninia plumbina #

Growth type lichenicolous fungus
Photos: On Degelia cyanoloma. The Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland. Identified by Brian Coppins

Small black lecideioid apothecia to 0.6mm in diameter. The spores are hyaline, (1-)3(-5) septate, 18.5-29 x 3-4.5 Ám

Parasitic on the thalli of Degelia (Pectenia) species

Lichenicolous Toninia species include Toninia episema on Aspicilia calcarea, Toninia subfuscae on Lecanora campestris and Toninia verrucariae on Bagliettoa baldensis

Toninia plumbina

Toninia plumbina
Toninia plumbina. The Burren BLS meeting, April 2009

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