Irish lichens

Porpidia platycarpoides

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Porpidiaceae

Species: Porpidia platycarpoides

Growth type crustose
Photos: On coastal rocks. Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork, SW Ireland

Pale grey granular-areolate thallus, the prothallus thin and black or inconspicuous. The flat apothecia are large (to 3mm) and often +/- pruinose with prominent smooth margins. Spores 15-23 x 7-10 Ám. Thallus reactions negative, medulla and apothecia margins K+ yellow > red, P+ yellow

Usually coastal on hard, well-lit siliceous rocks but also found inland

Similar: Porpidia cinereoatra and P. macrocarpa

Porpidia platycarpoides

Porpidia platycarpoides
Porpidia platycarpoides. May 2010

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