Crustose, placodioid and leprose lichens found in Ireland: C

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Crustose lichens form thick or thin crusts that are firmly attached and cannot be removed without part of the substratum. Placodioid lichens are crustose but lobed at the margins and leprose lichens have a powdery appearance. Please click on the images to see details and larger photographs. Glossary (opens in new window).

Calogaya decipiens, Caloplaca decipiens Calogaya decipiens,Caloplaca decipiens Calogaya oblitterata, Caloplaca arnoldii Calogaya pusilla, Caloplaca saxicola Variospora aurantia, Caloplaca aurantia Flavoplaca austrocitrina, Caloplaca austrocitrina Caloplaca britannica Caloplaca ceracea Caloplaca cerina Caloplaca cerina Athallia cerinella, Caloplaca cerinella Athallia cerinelloides, Caloplaca cerinelloides Flavoplaca citrina, Caloplaca citrina Blastenia crenularia, Caloplaca crenularia Blastenia ferruginea, Caloplaca ferruginea Variospora flavescens, Caloplaca flavescens Flavoplaca flavocitrina, Caloplaca flavocitrina Gyalolechia flavovirescens, Caloplaca flavovirescens Athallia holocarpa agg, Caloplaca holocarpa Flavoplaca marina, Caloplaca marina Flavoplaca maritima, Caloplaca maritima Caloplaca marmorata, Caloplaca lactea Flavoplaca microthallina, Caloplaca microthallina Flavoplaca oasis, Caloplaca oasis Xanthocarpia ochracea, Caloplaca ochracea Polycauliona phlogina, Caloplaca phlogina Caloplaca teicholyta Variospora thallincola, Caloplaca thallincola Caloplaca ulcerosa Pyrenodesmia variabilis, Caloplaca variabilis Polycauliona verruculifera, Caloplaca verruculifera Candelariella aurella Candellariella coralliza Candelariella medians Candelariella reflexa Candelariella vitellina Candelariella vitellina Catillaria chalybeia Catillaria chalybeia Catillaria chalybeia Catillaria lenticularis Catillaria nigroclavata Catillaria nigroclavata Catinaria atropurpurea Chrysothrix  candelaris Circinaria calcarea, Aspicilia calcarea Circinaria calcarea, Aspicilia calcarea Circinaria contorta, Aspicilia contorta C contorta ssp hoffmanniana, A contorta ssp hoffmanniana Clauzadea chondrodes Clauzadea immersa Clauzadea monticola Clauzadea monticola Cliostomum griffithii Cliostomum tenerum Coenogonium luteum, Dimerella lutea Coenogonium pineti, Dimerella pineti Collemopsidium foveolatum Collemopsidium foveolatum Coniocarpon cinnabarinum, Arthonia cinnabarina Coniocarpon cinnabarinum, Arthonia cinnabarina Cresponea premnea Cresponea premnea

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