Irish lichens

Caloplaca lactea

Order: Teloschistales       Family: Teloschistaceae

Species: Caloplaca marmorata (Caloplaca lactea)

Growth type crustose.
UK photographs. Identified by Brian Coppins

Thin white or inconconspicuous thallus without a distinct prothallus. Apothecia are plane or concave when young, sometimes leaving shallow pits in substrate. Discs bright orange-yellow becoming paler and translucent when wet. Margins are swollen and sometimes elevated. Spores 11-14 x 6-8.5, the septum narrow and less than 1/8 spore length. Thallus K-, apothecia K+ red-purple.

Pioneer species on dry limestone fragments, also found on sea shells and pebbles. Infrequently recorded in Ireland, most records are from the Burren, Co. Clare.

Caloplaca lactea

Caloplaca lactea
Caloplaca lactea February 2010

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