Irish lichens

Caloplaca verruculifera
Order: Teloschistales       Family: Teloschistaceae

Species: Caloplaca verruculifera (Polycauliona verruculifera)

Growth type: Placodioid (crustose with lobed margins)
Photos: On coastal rock. Mizen Head, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

Thallus usually yellow to greenish-yellow (rarely slightly orange-tinged) with elongated, radiating lobes. The centre of the thallus is covered with irregular flattened-globose isidia, apothecia are rare.
K+ crimson / purple.

Coastal, often on nutrient-enriched bird-perching sites.

Similar: Caloplaca thallincola

Caloplaca verruculifera

Caloplaca verruculifera
Caloplaca verruculifera on coastal rock. Mizen Head, Co. Cork. June 2009

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