Irish lichens

Lobaria amplissima

Order: Peltigerales       Family: Peltigeraceae

Species: Ricasolia amplissima (Lobaria amplissima)

Growth type foliose. Identified by John Douglass
Photos: Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry, SW Ireland.

Thallus irregularly branched or forming large rosettes, green lobes drying to greyish-white. Lobes wrinkled or smooth, wavy with rounded, +/- notched apices. Large dark blue-green to brown-black cephalodia usually present, known as Dendriscocaulon umhausense when occuring separately. Scattered pycnidia in conical warts often present. Apothecia occasional, red-brown discs.

Rarest of the Lobaria species, found on trunks and main branches of Ash, Oak and Sycamore in old, usually oceanic woodland. Previously more widespread, recent records only from Co.Kerry and Co.Wicklow. Medulla K+/- pale yellow, C-, KC+ deep pink, P-

Lobaria amplissima

Lobaria amplissima

Lobaria amplissima
All four Lobaria species on mature Ash. Killarney, November 2009
1. Lobaria virens. 2. Lobaria scrobiculata. 3. Lobaria amplissima. 4. Lobaria pulmonaria.

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