Irish lichens

Abrothallus bertianus on Melanohalea exasperata
Incertae sedis

Abrothallus bertianus #

Lichenicolous. Photographss: Ballingeary, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.
On the apothecia and thallus of Melanohalea exasperata.

Dark-brown to blackish apothecia erupt through the host and are slightly domed to nearly spherical in shape. Asci are 8-spored, spores 1-septate, dark greenish becoming brown when mature, 10.515 (4)4.56(7) m.

Infrequent on the thalli and apothecia of Melanelixia and Melanohalea species but the apothecia can be inconspicuous and are possibly overlooked

Abrothallus bertianus

Abrothallus bertianus
Abrothallus bertianus on the apothecia of Melanohalea exasperata. January and April 2012

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