Irish lichens

Bacidia biatorina

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Ramalinaceae

Species: Bacidia biatorina

Growth type crustose.
Photos: Glengarriff woods, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.
Provisional identification by Andy Acton, needs microscopic confirmation

Thallus granular or granular-isidiate, pale grey-green, upper surface of granules often grey or brown. Apothecia are similar to those of B. laurocerasi but larger (to 1.3mm) orange-brown or black. The spores are longer, curved, 9-16 septate, 60-75 x 2.5-3 Ám but it is often sterile. Pycnidia rare, pale orange.
Chemical reactions negative.

Rare in Ireland, occurs on trunks of mature deciduous trees (often Oak) in old woods and former parklands.

Similar: Sterile B. rubella has coarser granules, pale upper surface

Bacidia biatorina
Bacidia biatorina April 2010

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