Irish lichens

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Cladoniaceae

Species: Cladonia pyxidata

Primary thallus squamulose, secondary thallus fruticose.

Photographs previously shown were of Cladonia pocillum.
Thank you to Alan Silverside for the correction.

Small rounded or elongated basal squamules with few indentations. Podetia usually grey-green, occasionally brownish, regularly tapered with very short or inapparent stalks. Podetia and cups (scyphi) with smooth coarse or warted granules. Soredia are absent. Brown apothecia and pycnidia. Morphs found in old woodlands usually have larger basal squamules.

Usually prefers drier habitats, rocks, walls, basic-barked trees, sandy acidic soils. K-, C-, KC-, P+ red, UV-

Similar: Cladonia chlorophaea and Cladonia pocillum

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