Irish lichens

Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa

Order: Agyriales       Family: Agyriaceae

Species: Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa

Growth type crustose, granular. Specimen identified by John Douglass
Photos: Gougane Barra, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

Minutely-granular grey or greenish-white thallus with distinctive orange patches. Greenish-white, orange-pigmented soralia that can form large patches. Apothecia absent in Britian and Ireland.

Occurs throughout Ireland on humid, +/- shaded, acidic substrates. Often found in old woods and heaths on wet peat, mosses, rotting wood and plant debris.
Thallus and soralia: C+ red, P-, UV-. Orange patches K+ purple

Similar: T. granulosa. Apothecia present, pioneer on burnt heaths.

Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa

Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa
Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa. October 2009

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