Irish lichens

Hypotrachyna laevigata
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Parmeliaceae

Species: Hypotrachyna laevigata

Growth type foliose. Confirmed by John Douglass and Andy Acton
Photos: On rock and tree trunk. Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

Light bluish-grey or grey-green thallus, fairly narrow lobes with curved axils and overlapping square-cut tips. Black under-surface with dichotomously branched rhizines reaching edges. Medulla white. Lobe-tips sorediate, apothecia are rare, discs dark brown, exciple +/- sorediate, initially entire but becoming torn.

Found on acidic trees and rocks, sometimes over-growing mosses.
Medulla and soredia K-, C+ orange, KC+ orange

Similar: Hypotrachyna endochlora and Hypotrachyna sinuosa

Hypotrachyna laevigata

Hypotrachyna laevigata, fertile

Hypotrachyna laevigata

Hypotrachyna laevigata
Hypotrachyna laevigata March and November 2009. Fertile specimen April 2010

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