Irish lichens

Hypotrachyna endochlora

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Parmeliaceae

Species: Hypotrachyna endochlora

Growth type foliose.
Photos: On Willow. Gougane Barra, Cork, SW Ireland.
Identified by John Douglass

Pale blue-grey to yellowish-grey narrow lobes with sinuous axils and coarse, granular, yellowish soredia. Medulla pale yellowish, lower surface black with +/- dense rhizines. Apothecia rare.

Found on well-lit, acidic, nutrient-poor bark on trees in woodland and in salix carr, also on mossy rocks.
Cortex K+ yellow. Medulla K-, C+ orange, KC+ orange, P-

Could be confused with Parmotrema perlatum

Hypotrachyna endochlora

Hypotrachyna endochlora

Hypotrachyna endochlora
Hypotrachyna endochlora. August 2009

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