Irish lichens

Pertusaria lactea

Order: Pertusariales       Family: Pertusariaceae

Species: Pertusaria lactea

Growth type crustose
Photos: On upland rock. Caha Pass, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

Thick, smooth or areolate, whitish to pale grey thallus with a white prothallus. Delimited whitish soralia are scattered over the thallus but the white-pruinose, pinkish apothecia are rare.

Occurs on damp, well-lit, siliceous or slightly calcareous rocks in upland and coastal areas.
K-, thallus, soralia C+ reddish-pink, KC+ red, UV +/- faint blue-white

Similar: P. aspergilla. K +/- brownish red, C-, KC+ yellow-red

Pertusaria lactea

Pertusaria lactea
Pertusaria lactea January 2012

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