Irish lichens

Syzygospora physciacearum

Basidiomycota       Order: Tremellales

Species: Zyzygomyces physciacearum (Syzygospora physciacearum)

Lichenicolous fungus. Photos: On Physcia tenella. Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

A basidiomycete forming gelatinous or waxy pale pink, pale brown, greyish or nearly black galls (often with a constricted base) on the host. The basidia are (2-)3-4 spored and the basidiospores 7.5-11 x 3.5-6.5 Ám. First described in 1996.

Widespread on the thallus and apothecia of members of the Physciaceae, including Physcia aipolia, Physcia tenella, Phaeophyscia orbicularis and Physconia grisea.

Syzygospora physciacearum

Syzygospora physciacearum
Syzygospora physciacearum on Physcia tenella. February 2011

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