Irish lichens

Collema glebulentum

Order: Peltigerales       Family: Collemataceae

Species: Collema glebulentum

Growth type foliose.
Photos: Among moss on wet upland rock. Doughill mountain, Co. Cork, SW Ireland. Identification confirmed by Brian Coppins

Rosette-forming black or dark olive-green thallus, tightly adpressed to the substrate. The membrane-like lobes are rounded or irregular, +/- deeply lobate. Numerous terete or coralloid isidia can form +/- continuous areolate crust on older lobes. Apothecia are unknown.

Occurs on +/- basic, periodically inundated rocks by upland rivers, lough margins and in seepage tracks. Very local distribution, S and W Ireland. Chemical reactions negative.

Similar: Collema flaccidum and Collema subflaccidum

Collema glebulentum

Collema glebulentum
Collema glebulentum December 2009

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