Irish lichens

Stereocaulon dactylophyllum

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Stereocaulaceae

Species: Stereocaulon dactylophyllum

Growth type fruticose. Identified by John Douglass
Photos: On upland rock. Glengarriff woods, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

Primary thallus not persisting. Pale grey-green or yellowish-white erect or spreading podetia, often forming tufts. Irregularly branched with numerous cylindrical phyllocladia becoming coralloid and finger-like when mature. Cephalodia inconspicuous, infrequent or absent. Small terminal apothecia are frequent, brown, +/- convex.

Found on siliceous, +/- metal-rich rocks. Scattered distribution in Ireland. Thallus K+ yellow, C-, KC-, P+ orange, UV-

Similar: Stereocaulon evolutum

Stereocaulon dactylophyllum

Stereocaulon dactylophyllum
Stereocaulon dactylophyllum November 2009

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