Irish lichens

Usnea articulata

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Parmeliaceae

Species: Usnea articulata

Growth type fruticose. Photos: UK specimen.

Long (to 1m+) grey-green thallus, pendant or scrambling. Main branches usually +/- smooth, older branches with scattered pseudocyphellae. Branches constricted to central core forming sausage-like segments. Apothecia unknown in Britain and Ireland. Often without distinct attachment, probably distributed by wind.

Very sensitive to SO2 pollution. Very local distribution in southern half of Ireland on well-lit hedges and trees. K-, C-, KC-, P+ red

Young specimens can resemble Usnea flammea, K+ yellow-red

Usnea articulata

Usnea articulata
Usnea articulata November 2009

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