Irish lichens

Blarneya hibernica

Order: Incertae sedis       Family: Incertae sedis

Species: Tylophoron hibernicum (Blarneya hibernica)

Growth type lichenicolous / crustose.
Photos: Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry, SW Ireland.
Identified by John Douglass

Initially lichenicolous taking over Trentepohlia (host algae) from Enterographa crassa, Lecanactis abietina and Cresponea premnea. Later forms an independent web-like, pale pinkish-white, cottony thallus often encrusted with crystals. Cushion-like pale creamy-yellow sporodochia are usually present, apothecia absent.
Thallus and sporodochia K-, C+/- brief red, KC+/- red, P-, UV+ glaucous

First described in 1980. Rare, in old woodland on Enterographa and Lecanactis species towards the base of sheltered Oak and Holly. Recorded in Ireland from Co. Waterford and Co. Kerry.

Blarneya hibernica

Blarneya hibernica

Blarneya hibernica
Blarneya hibernica November 2009

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