Irish lichens

Hypotrachyna britannica

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Parmeliaceae

Species: Hypotrachyna britannica

Growth type foliose. Identified by John Douglass
Photos: On rocks. Ballingeary and Gougane Barra, Cork, SW Ireland

Whitish-grey or pale bluish-grey lobes, +/- maculate, +/- indented. Lobe tips often brownish and +/- ascending. Under surfaces black with pale brown margins, tufted or simple rhizines, marginal cilia rare. Medulla white. Blue-black soredia develop from pustules on lobes but remain sub-marginal. Apothecia absent.

Occurs on sheltered, well-lit siliceous rocks, often coastal.
Cortex K+ yellow. Medulla K-, C+ red, KC+ red, P-, UV-

Similar: Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta.

Hypotrachyna britannica

Hypotrachyna britannica

Hypotrachyna britannica
Hypotrachyna britannica. December 2008 and August 2009

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