Irish lichens

Arthrorhaphis grisea

Order: Incertae sedis       Family: Arthrorhaphidaceae

Species: Arthrorhaphis grisea #

Lichenicolous fungus.
Photographs on Baeomyces rufus. Ballingeary, Co. Cork, Ireland

Whitish-grey to dark grey thallus is immersed in the host thallus, giving it a sickly, unhealthy appearance. Black sessile apothecia are rare, becoming disc-shaped with thick rims. Spores are acicular (needle-shaped), multi-septate with 5-11 septa, 45-65 2.5-5 m. Often only the anamorph is present with abundant black pycnidia.

Parasitic on Baeomyces rufus on acid soils and siliceous rocks, usually in upland areas.

Arthrorhaphis aeruginosa turns Cladonia squamules blue-green

Arthrorhaphis grisea

Arthrorhaphis grisea

Arthrorhaphis grisea
Arthrorhaphis grisea. March 2009

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