Irish lichens

Lecanora expallens

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Lecanoraceae

Species: Lecanora expallens

Growth type crustose.
Photos: On old fence post. Ballingeary, Cork, SW Ireland.

Cracked or granular yellow-green to yellow-grey thallus. Pale yellow, farinose soredia spreads to cover thallus. Small apothecia are infrequent, discs slightly pinkish, the sorediate margins becoming excluded. Pale grey prothallus visible on smooth bark.
K+ yellow, C+ deep yellow or orange-red, P-, UV+ orange

Common on tree trunks, bark, fences and worked timber.

Similar: Lecanora barkmaniana, K+ yellow, C-
Lecanora compallens, thallus K-, C-

Lecanora expallens

Lecanora expallens

Lecanora expallens
Lecanora expallens. August 2009

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