Irish lichens

Placopsis lambii

Order: Agyriales       Family: Agyriaceae

Species: Placopsis lambii

Growth type crustose, placodioid.
Photos: On upland rock. Gougane Barra and Ballingeary, SW Ireland

Shiny pinkish-white or greyish thallus with radiating marginal lobes. The variable brownish cephalodia are sometimes absent. Concentric blackish-brown or greenish soralia. Apothecia with flat pink or yellowish discs with thick margins.

Occurs on damp, siliceous, upland rocks, frequently by streams or lakes. Often associated with metal-rich sites. Thallus C+ red.

Similar: Trapelia placodioides

Placopsis lambii

Placopsis lambii

Placopsis lambii
Placopsis lambii August and October 2009

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