Irish lichens

Placynthium nigrum
Order: Peltigerales       Family: Placynthiaceae

Species: Placynthium nigrum

Growth type granular or squamulose.
Photos: On limestone rocks. The Burren, W Ireland.
BLS Burren meeting 2009

Black or sometimes brownish thallus of very small squamules with wide, felted, dark bluish-black prothallus. Apothecia with small, glossy, black discs. Thallus very occasionally grey-pruinose.

Widespread in Ireland on slow-drying calcareous rocks, old mortar and the tops of flat tombstones. Chemical reactions negative.

Similar: P. subradiatum. Rare, mainly in the Burren, Co. Clare

Placynthium nigrum

Placynthium nigrum
Placynthium nigrum. BLS Burren meeting, April 2009

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