Irish lichens

Pertusaria pseudocorallina
Order: Pertusariales       Family: Pertusariaceae

Species: Pertusaria pseudocorallina

Growth type crustose.
Photo immediately below: On granite boulder. Black Head, the Burren, Ireland. BLS Burren meeting 2009

Smooth or warted, creamy-grey or yellowish-grey thallus. The short, round, brown-tipped isidia are frequently eroded and leave small craters in the thallus. Apothecia are rare, semi-globose.

Found on well-lit inland and coastal siliceous rocks, frequently occuring with P. corallina.
Cortex: K+ yellow turning red, P+ yellow, UV-

Similar: Pertusaria coccodes

Pertusaria pseudocorallina

Pertusaria pseudocorallina

Pertusaria pseudocorallina
Photo immediately above: Pertusaria pseudocorallina. Ballingeary, Co. Cork. July 2009

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