Irish lichens

Scytinium gelatinosum, Leptogium gelatinosum
Order: Peltigerales       Family: Collemataceae

Species: Scytinium gelatinosum (Leptogium gelatinosum)

Growth type foliose. BLS Burren meeting 2009
Photos: On mossy wall in hazel wood, the Burren, Ireland.

Very variable. Brown or green brown thallus, lobes usually erect and wrinkled with entire or regularly lanceolate margins. Isidia absent. Usually fertile, apothecia to 1.5mm, discs red-brown or brown.
Specimens with small, much-divided lobes have been recognized as Leptogium pulvinatum. (Hoffm.) Otálora (2008).

Usually found among moss on trees, calcareous rocks and soil and on mortar. Chemical reactions negative.

Similar: Leptogium lichenoides prefers less calcareous habitats

Leptogium gelatinosum
Scytinium gelatinosum (Leptogium gelatinosum),

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