Irish lichens

Lepraria vouauxii
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Stereocaulaceae

Species: Lepraria vouauxii

Previously Leproloma vouauxii. Growth type leprose.
Photos: On limestone wall. Teampall Chronain, the Burren, Ireland
BLS Burren meeting 2009

The thallus is a diffuse, thickish crust of pale greyish-green granules with +/- indistinct lobed margins and white medulla. Sterile, apothecia are unknown.

Occurs on surfaces sheltered from rain on intermediate or basic walls, mortar and bark. Avoids very acidic substrata.
Thallus K+ dirty yellow to orange, C+ dirty yellow, P+ orange or orange-yellow, UV-

Lepraria vouauxii, Leproloma vouauxii

Lepraria vouauxii, Leproloma vouauxii
Lepraria vouauxii. BLS Burren meeting, April 2009

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