Irish lichens

Leptogium brebissonii
Order: Peltigerales       Family: Collemataceae

Species: Leptogium brebissonii

Growth type: Foliose.
Photos: On Oak and Salix. Glengarrif woods, Cork, SW Ireland.
Specimen below identified by Mike Simms

Rounded lobes are much swollen when wet, green-black to brownish-black, dark-grey, flattened and ridged when dry. The brownish isidia are coralloid or flattened, apothecia are absent. Lower surface is not tomentose.

West of Ireland on mossy rocks and damp, deciduous trees.
Chemical reactions negative.

Similar: Leptogium coralloideum

Leptogium brebissonii

Leptogium brebissonii
Leptogium brebissonii May and December 2009

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