Irish lichens

Stereocaulon pileatum
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Stereocaulaceae

Species: Stereocaulon pileatum

Growth type fruticose.
Photos: On rock in upland field. Ballingeary, Cork, SW Ireland.
Specimen identified by Mike Simms

Persistent primary thallus of greyish, granular, +/- wart-like basal phyllocladia. Small, usually unbranched pseudopodetia with globose terminal soralia. Apothecia are rare, with reddish-brown discs.

Occasional on natural damp, acidic rocks. Increasing (in the UK) on damp man-made habitats rich in heavy metals.
K+ yellow, KC+ violet (use filter paper) P+/- weak yellow, UV+ white

Stereocaulon pileatum       Stereocaulon pileatum

Stereocaulon pileatum
Stereocaulon pileatum. Ballingeary area, Co. Cork. February 2009

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