Irish lichens

Physconia grisea
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Physciaceae

Species: Physconia grisea

Growth type foliose.
Photos: On urban tree-trunks. Macroom, Cork, SW Ireland.

Thallus is pale grey or brownish when dry but becomes greener when wet, usually coarsely pruinose. Fan-shaped, overlapping lobes, under surface whitish with pale, simple rhizines (only Physconia species with pale rhizines). Granular soralia may spread to cover the thallus centre. Apothecia are rare. Medulla: K-

Found on nutrient-rich and often dusty, rocks, cement and trees.

Similar: P. perisidiosa, is isidiate with black, 'bottle-brush' rhizines

Physconia grisea

Physconia grisea

Physconia grisea
Physconia grisea Macroom, Co.Cork. February 2009, May 2010

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