Irish lichens

Parmotrema pseudoreticulatum
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Parmeliaceae

Species: Parmotrema pseudoreticulatum

Growth type: Foliose
Photos: On Malus branches. Carrons, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Thicker thallus than P. reticulatum with a thickened margin and a broad marginal zone without rhizines. The reticulation may be reduced to spots or blotches, particularly in young specimens. Thin upright lobes with capitate soralia are absent.

Distribution currently unknown but recorded from Ireland, Scotland and England. Cortex K+ yellow. Medulla K+ yellow > red, C-, KC+/- red, P+ orange-red, UV-

Similar: Parmotrema reticulatum and P. perlatum.

Parmotrema pseudoreticulatum

Parmotrema pseudoreticulatum

Parmotrema pseudoreticulatum
Parmotrema pseudoreticulatum. Carrons, Co. Limerick. September 2019

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