Irish lichens

Dimerella pineti

Order: Gyalectales       Family: Coenogoniaceae

Species: Coenogonium pineti (Dimerella pineti)

Growth type crustose
Photos: On Pine, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

Small pale apothecia on an often inconspicuous greenish, grey-green or blackish-green thallus. Frequent whitish pycnidia but the pinkish-white apothecia are ephemeral and usually produced in the winter and spring. Spores colourless, 1-septate, 9-14 x 2.5-4Ám

Easily overlooked on the shaded, acidic bark of conifers and deciduous trees. Sometimes also on wood, rocks, mosses and soil

Similar: Dimerella lutea has larger, orange apothecia

Dimerella pineti
Dimerella pineti Co. Limerick. September 2019

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